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Swedish Massage: $55-60 min.                                                          This is our Signature Massage that relaxes your stresses away. Enjoy this full body massage with use of lighter pressures, perfect for those who just want to relax & unwind.

Therapeutic Massage: $35-30 min.*$60-60 min.*$85-90 min.          This is our customized massage with blended pressure preferences. The right amount of pressure is applied to the more tense areas of the body, relaxing muscles & tendons. Techniques to targeted areas to decrease pain & increase mobility & range of motion. This massage is ideal for clients dealing with chronic pain, post-rehabilitation, or daily aches & pains.

Prenatal Massage: $60-60 min.                                                      This gentle massage avoids sensitive areas of the body while targeting those pregnancy "problem" areas, prenatal support for the belly & upper body. Benefits to the mom-to-be include: Eases back & foot pain~reduces pelvic pain~reduces stress levels~reduces swelling of feet & ankles~enhanced skin elasticity to reduce stretch marks~improved sleep & digestion~reduces sciatic pain ~helps relax and soothe baby. 

Hot Stone Massage: $75-60 min.                                                    This blissful experience uses warm smooth basalt stones for deeper muscle relaxation as it melts away tension, aches, & pains. The heat has a sedative effect to relieve chronic pain & promote deep relaxation. An amazing State of Bliss!

Migraine Massage: $35-30 min.                                                      Our proven techniques help relieve pain from sinus pressures, head pain, and TMJ (jaw pain). Customized techniques are used to help reduce or eliminate headaches/migraines, promoting long term relief. Don't just mask the pain with pain pills, fix the source of the problem with Migraine Massage.

Aqua Massage: $20-20 min.                                                                Aqua-massage offers people of all ages the benefits of a hands-on massage plus the therapeutic benefits of heat and pulsating water.  The combined effects of heat with Aqua-massage can have a remarkable impact on the body and mind, the best part is that it only takes up to 20 minutes to feel deeply relaxed.

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